Normally, winters in eastern Darr weren’t this harsh…

It took most of the nation by surprise, and towns all across the land were bundling up and closing their gates for the season. Even the usual merchants, monsters, and bandits seem to have decided to sit the season out, and the most traveled roads are silent and choked with snow.

So, what are four adventurers doing trudging through snow up to their waists? Well, see, these bold heroes had taken a job to destroy a nest of young dragons that had been harassing the local farms, but when they arrived at the lair, it quickly became apparent that the farmers had been exaggerating slightly… After dispatching the four pseudodragons with ease, and plundering the meager 18 gold pieces the tiny beasts had hoarded, they found that their brilliant planning, note to mention dragon hoard budgeting, was all for naught. Yelling at the farmers didn’t yield a greater reward, nor any personal satisfaction, but the intrepid dragon slayers were advised to try the nearby city of Caer Dalbin for work.

So, like so many adventures before, our story begins with our band of four miserable and cranky heroes walking up towards a city gate.

Player Information
Characters begin at fifth level, with the usual starting gold (9,000gp), and nearly anything will fly regarding character build/race, so long as you give me the heads up. As always, back-stories are welcome, and often rewarded with plot hooks/stuff, but not required. The setting is vanilla DnD, and campaign will focus more heavily on the area surrounding Caer Dalbin during the winter months than the rest of the world. Expect the game to run from fifth to ninth level, plus or minus two levels.

Cold Front

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