Arak Stoneeye

Hobgoblin ex-military gun for hire


Arak Stoneeye was once a member of the Flaming Arrows clan of hobgoblins, one of a lucky few that were chosen to train with a cache of firearms that the clan had captured in a raid on a dwarven settlement.

The circumstances of his departure from his clan were simple. He would not put down a group of captured children rather than take them back to serve the clan as slaves as was the typical goal of raids. He would have been executed for disobeying that order had he not gathered what he could carry and slipped out of camp unnoticed. From there he made his way on his own, traveling as far as he could before coming upon a frontier village and settling there. It took him time and quite a bit of effort but he eventually gained a sort of grudging acceptance within that village. It did not hurt that he took out a group of bandits that had been plaguing the town for some time.

In his travels he came across a rifle of dwarven make, a much better firearm than any he had ever encountered. It is his prized possession and something he rarely, if ever, lets out of his sight.

Arak’s Journal

Arak Stoneeye

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