Thomas Silvervine

A dashing Half-Elf jack-of-all-trades that excels with honeyed words...especially with the ladies.


I hail from the rough part of town where I grew up in a brothel. I never knew my folks and was raised by the brothel’s madam, a kindly woman who had me call her Auntie May. I was never able to find out if we were actually blood relatives, but that didn’t really matter to me as she was the only mother that I’ve ever know. She was also the only person/woman to love me unconditionally, though I did really test her patience when I got into trouble. What can I say…I was a rambunctious youngster with an insatiable curiosity. That only intensified when I hit my teenage years.

As a child, Auntie May would send me out to play with the neighborhood kids when the johns started filling up the waiting room. Apparently, men lose their nerve to sleep with a beautiful woman when a constant remainder of what might result is running around slinging drinks while singing bawdy bar tunes. It was during these times that I learned many of the skills and abilities that I have today. Lying, cheating, stealing, picking locks, avoiding detection, picking pockets, and knowing when to run away were the most valuable things that I picked up. As I grew older, I found it very easy to speak with and even seduce women. While beneficial, this became a strong addiction. It probably didn’t help that I grew up surrounding by attractive working women.

I fell into a comfortable routine of acquiring gold and satisfying carnal desires. That all changed one day when I accidentally saved the king’s life. He was returning from a trip abroad, marching towards the castle through the marketplace. An assassin from a foreign land loosed a volley of poisoned arrows at the royal caravan while I was attempting to cut the purse strings of his personal protector when I caught the arrow meant for him in the chest. After the assassin was dispatched, the king rushed me and several others to his physician. Some did not survive the trip, but somehow I awoke a hero. The king, gracious for my sacrifice of personal safety and life for his own, offered me gold and women and land and even knighthood. Being able to easily acquire the first two, having no need for property, and desperately not wanting anything to prevent my ability to easily access gold and women, I instead convinced him to make me the court spy, an extension of his already formidable personal defense force. I would seek out plots against him, his family, and his throne and protect him from them.

Dazzling him with my talents, I was rewarded with a soldier’s comission, a room in the palace, and the ability to come and go as I please throughout the city. This would make my personal dealings very easy to accomplish. Though I was the court spy, only the king and the royal protector knew this. To the rest of the court and kingdom, I was known as the king’s personal bard. I used my position and power to eradicate not only a few personal enemies but also several threats to the crown. It was a nice setup while it lasted, but there comes a time in a man’s life when the urge strikes him to see faraway lands. After a grueling day of both professional and self interest, I took it upon myself to sate that urge.

A few months later of traveling alone, I encountered a set of half-elf twins and a dark and mysterious hobgoblin heading my way and decided it in my best interest to have company. It would certainly make the conversations better anyway.

Thomas Silvervine

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